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National Security and Foreign Affairs
Develop and articulate a national security and foreign affairs policy that guarantees a strong national defense, protects our homeland, and projects U.S. democratic ideals and interests abroad.  Ensure an adequate defense budget to improve the readiness, training, modernization, and sustainability of our armed forces, as well as enhance the quality of life for those serving in uniform.  Seek the fullest possible accounting of all Americans missing from all conflicts and wars.
National Security and Foreign Affairs Program 

Michael H. Wysong
Director of National Security and Foreign Affairs

DoD Defend America

DoD Homeland Defense


Department of Homeland Security
Their list of activities can be found on their DHS website www.ready.gov.

Security & POW/MIA
106th Resolutions

Homeland Security /War on Terrorism
Defense/Foreign Affairs
Military Affairs

Dept of Defense
Press Resources
& News Releases

Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office


POW/MIA Flag Dates 2005
Mandatory Dates
for flying the POW/MIA flag
on all federal, military and post office building

May 21
Armed Forces Day
May 30
Memorial Day
June 14
Flag Day
Sept 16 




Priority Goals

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POW MIA Speech 

POW/MIA Sacrifices

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Who to write for status of
American POW/MIA
Mr. Charles Henley
DPMO, 2400 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC  20301-2400



Vietnam-Era Unaccounted-for Statistical Reports

Cold War Report
(1946 - 1991)

Korean War
This  link takes you to a file that lists all the missing service members from the war. The total will be the total number unaccounted-for on the last page.



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