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Arlington CemeteryOur Mission...Honor The Dead By Helping The Living by prevailing upon the US Congress and Administration to fulfill this nation's commitment to care and provide for her defenders and their dependents in their time of need and to ensure that the United States remains ever vigilant while maintaining a strong national defense.

Our Philosophy...Citizen-Soldier Statue

Ensure veterans are provided all the care, entitlements and compensation that they have earned through their service and sacrifice in defense of our nation in a prompt and compassionate manner by the Department of Veterans Affairs and other concerned Departments and Agencies.

Ensure legislation is advanced in the Congress and signed into law that reflects the VFW's pro-veteran, pro-national defense and pro-America goals; and protect veterans from proposals detrimental to them and the nation.

Ensure employment opportunities for America's veterans are supported by lawmakers, the private sector and all concerned governmental entities through enhancement of veteran' preference legislation, training and education programs.

Ensure a firm foreign policy that guarantees our integrity as a nation, promotes our democratic ideals and interest abroad and seeks the fullest possible accounting of our comrades missing from all wars; and is backed by a strong military which provides for the well-being and quality of life for those men and women in uniform


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