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      The mission of the Tactical Assessment Center (TAC) is to assist veterans and their families with issues and concerns they have with VA health care and benefits entitlements.  In doing so, we collect the facts necessary to create a national database tracking the timeliness, accessibility and quality of VA medical and benefits services to veterans.  The data collected is used to determine if issues found are local, network-wide, or represent a national trend.  This information is provided to VFW leadership, and utilized by the National Veterans Service and National Legislative Service staff in an effort to bring about appropriate VHA network level, VBA regional level, or national level policy and Congressional action which will assure accessible, quality, timely VA health care and veterans entitlement service.

Since its inception on September 1, 1997, the TAC has:

*   Received in excess of 75,000 inquiries via the 1-800-VFW-1899 HelpLine, email, phone calls, staff referrals, and written correspondence.

*   Our inquiries, per week, are averaging 300.

*   Initiated contact efforts with the veteran or family member within 24 hours of receipt of the incident report.

*   Distributed in excess of 40,000 VFW “HelpLine” posters to VA health care facilities, Vet Centers, Network Offices, VFW Departments, National Guard Armories, etc.

*   Noted that when veteran health care and benefit articles appear in VFW magazines and newsletters, the number of contacts increases dramatically in the TAC.

*   Advised in excess of 9,000 veterans and their families on the VA Health Care Enrollment Process and the Uniform Benefits Health Package.

*   Established 119 different VHA health care and VBA benefit entitlement issues, which are tracked via the TAC database.

*   Provided the VFW leadership with up-to-date information concerning issues and concerns of veterans in areas in which they visit.



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