Virtually all monetary benefits (compensation, pension, educational assistance, etc.) are payable regardless of place of residence or nationality. There are, however, some program limitations in foreign countries: home loan guaranty benefits are available only in the United States and selected territories and possessions; educational benefits are limited to approved degree granting programs in institutions of higher learning, etc. 

Reimbursed medical care is available for treatment of adjudicated service-connected disabilities only. Reimbursed nursing home care and other long-term care are not authorized in foreign countries. 

Information and assistance are available to U.S. veterans worldwide at American embassies and consulates. In Canada, the local offices of Veterans Affairs’ Canada provide information and assistance. In the Philippines, service is available at the VA Regional Office and Outpatient Clinic in Manila. To obtain the addresses and telephone numbers of American embassies and consulates, local offices of Veterans' Affairs Canada, or the VA office in the Philippines, go to Where To Go For Assistance Overseas <> page. 

To inquire concerning the status of your benefits claim, to register for medical treatment overseas or to ask any general benefit/medical treatment question, you may use Foreign Inquiry Page <>. 

Don't forget: If you move, be sure and keep your mailing address current by notifying the VA!


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