OBJECTIVE:  To provide VFW National recognition to VA and community health care employees and volunteers who take those extra steps to provide exemplary service to veterans and their families.


  1. Outstanding VA Health Care Employee of the Year Award

  2. Outstanding Community Health Care Employee of the Year Award

  3. Outstanding Health Care Volunteer of the Year Award


  1. Nominees must have demonstrated exceptional efforts in assisting veterans and their families in a health care environment during the 12 months preceding the March 30 deadline.

  2. A brief summary (not to exceed two pages) is to be submitted with a completed application explaining the who, what, where, when, and how the health care nominee's efforts are considered exemplary.

  3. The number of volunteer hours is not a factor in these awards.  Each recipient will be selected on the merits of their extraordinary efforts in assisting and/or caring for veterans.


One nominee in each award category will be selected for presentation at the National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.  The award recipient will be furnished round-trip travel and hotel accommodations to attend a portion of the Convention at which the award will be presented.  A check in the amount of $500.00 will be given to each award recipient to cover out-of-pocket expenses which may be incurred in connection with their trip.  The Commander-in-Chief will also present an attractive framed certificate commemorating this award to each recipient.


        March 30            Post Hospital Committee to District Hospital Committee

        April 29               District Hospital Committee to Department Hospital Committee

        May 31                Department Hospital Committee to Director, NVS

        June 30               Selection of Award Recipients


 Posts will select one nominee in each category to receive an award and submit the nominee’s names and summaries of their exemplary efforts to their Department for competition.

 The National Veterans Care Committee Executive Board will select national award recipients (one in each category) from the final nominees submitted by the various Departments.

 Each level of competition is encouraged to present a VFW all purpose certificate for recognition to unsuccessful nominees before their peers at either the Department Convention, District/Post meeting or the VA health care facility where the individual is employed.


Award nominations must be selected from applicants submitted by VFW Posts through their respective Districts and Departments.  Nominees do not have to be members of the VFW.  However, volunteers and health care providers must be affiliated with one of the following:

  1. Veterans Health Administration

    1. VA Hospitals

    2. VA Outpatient Clinics

    3. VA Domiciliaries

    4. VA Nursing Home Care facilities

  2. Community Health Care facilities (Private, State or Military)

    1. Hospitals

    2. Outpatient Clincis

    3. Domiciliaries

    4. Nursing Home Care facilities

  3. Non-Institutional Health Care Support settings

    1. Home Health Care Programs

    2. Home Hospice Care


* NOTE:  Nominees will be forwarded through each competitive level until one nominee is selected in each category.  The finalists from each Department should then be submitted to the Director, National Veterans Service for consideration.



1.         Program information is available in the Leadership Manual.

2.         Information will be disseminated at the four VFW Conference meetings.

3.         National staff will provide program information and deadline notifications throughout the year.



Health Care Employee: -- health care employees are people who are paid to work in either clinical or non-clinical positions at a health care facility.

Non-Institutional Health Care Support Settings: -- other health care programs such as visiting nurses home care rehabilitation, meals on wheels, mobile clinics, etc.

VA National Veterans Golden Age Games: -- National multi-event sport and recreational competition, co-sponsored by the VFW and VA for veterans age 55 and older who are currently receiving health care from the VA.



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