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As your VFW National Staff Advisory, I welcome you as a member of the POW/MIA Committee for the 2004-2005 tenure.  For your information I have included a list of the Chairman and Vice Chairmen of your committee.  To be of further help to all members, visit our website at www.vfwdc.org and navigate to National Security and Foreign Affairs page than scroll down to the POW/MIA section to review the most current information.


The philosophy for such VFW emphasis and interest on this committee’s mission is based on the well known fact that no loss is as painful to a family as that of a loved one who honored our nation’s call to arms, served faithfully and honorably his or her country and never returned from a foreign battlefield.  The effort to recover fallen comrades underscores the value Americans place on even a single human life.  This is the nation’s commitment to the people of our great country, to the families of those fallen and who have not yet returned, and to service members who today sacrifice all in the defense of our nation.


Included are the POW/MIA Priority Goals for 2004-2005 and a summary to explain its importance.


Director, National Security and Foreign Affairs


POW/MIA Committee Roster


POW/MIA Resolution:

*      “Support Public Awareness Projects

*      “Assist Vietnam’s Recovery of their MIAs as a Sign of Good Faith”

*      “Support Former POW Slave Labor Claims Against Japanese Firms”

*      “A Full Accounting for Commander Speicher”

*      “Drape the Caskets of Fallen American Warriors with the Flag of the United States”

*      “No Time Restraints for POW/MIA Accounting”

*      To Establish a House Select Committee on POW and MIA Affairs”


How to Obtain Information on an American MIA 


Explanation of Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) and Eligible Donors of MtDNA Samples


Family Member Orientation Handbook”  (DPMO)


Family Update Schedule for 2005 (DPMO)



National POW/MIA Committee Roster 2004-2005


Henry P. Applegate

305 Lakeside Park Drive

Hendersonville, TN  37075-3608


(615) 824-0584


Vice Chairmen

Rodman M. Fulton
51 Lynn Drive
Wallingford, CT  06492-2801
(203) 269-9851


Paul G. Jones
40 Heather Valley Circle
Saint Peters, MO  63376-2406

(636) 928-7252


Scottie E. King
4676 Hughes Branch Rd.
Huntington, WV  25701-9776
(304) 736-0012

Larry H. Longfellow
931 Logan Street
Helena, MT  59601-3435

(406) 442-8789


Robert W. Madigan

8B Riverside Ave.

Hudson, NH  03051-4537


(603) 882-2699

Wayne L. Paulson

1527 72nd Street SE

Minot, ND  58701-9333


(701) 838-8470


Russell R. Rieke

3442 Pierland Drive.

Pocahontas, IL  62275-1524


Bobby R. Walls

23 Emrick Avenue

Newport News, VA  23601-2109

POW/MIA---Priority Goals---2004-2005

Fullest Possible Accounting of American MIAs


Pursuing the POW/MIA issues is difficult because the numbers of unaccounted-for personnel are large, the answers to questions about the missing are held by former enemies, and the length of time since our comrades have been lost is extensive.


Today approximately 78,000 Americans are still missing from World War II.  Of this number an estimated 35,000 are deemed recoverable, with others lost forever at sea or entombed in sunken vessels.  Another 8,100 missing from the Korean War, 1,800 missing from the Vietnam War, 120 missing from the Cold War and one servicemember missing from the Gulf War.


This means there are more than 88,000 Americans who remain unaccounted-for from all conflicts.  Department of Defense currently has nearly 600 employees working around the world to address this MIA problem.


 Support POW/MIA Projects


This can be done by participation in similar programs by veterans groups of other friendly nations such as our NATO partners and Far Eastern allies.  This is accomplished primarily at National level.


Within the United States we encourage the exchange of information among state VFW POW/MIA chairmen; to include publishing up-to-date contact list of POW/MIA chairmen; and that each VFW Department exercise maximum initiative to maintain the vitality and thrust of the POW/MIA program at department level by encouraging such actions as the display of the black POW/MIA flag, subordinate to the United States flag at any function at which it is proper to fly the U.S. flag.


Also emphasis on exchange of information at Post levels by appointing an interested member at each Post level to act as the POW/MIA project officer. 


Each Post should participate in the annual POW/MIA Recognition Day and National Former POW Recognition Day and know how to review the VFW’s POW/MIA webpage.  This can be done by entering www.vfwdc.org and navigating to the National Security and Foreign Affairs page and then scrolling down to POW/MIA section.

Maintain a Strong and Effective

Joint POW/MIA Accounting Commander (JPAC)


The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) is located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  Their mission is to achieve the fullest possible accounting of all Americans missing as a result of our nation’s previous conflicts.  Their highest priority is the return of any living Americans that remain prisoners of war.


Approximately 425 persons are assigned to this command, which is organized into the following five functional areas: analysis, negotiations, investigations, recovery and identifications.


Today on average, JPAC identifies about two American MIAs each week.  They rely primarily on the medical analysis of mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) which is matched from the maternal bloodline of the MIA.  You will find more information and chart on pages 13 and 14.



Contact Information


Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC)

Attn: Public Affairs Office

3110 Worchester Ave., Bldg.45

Hickam, AFB, HI 96853-5530

Phone:   (808) 448-1934     Fax:  (808) 449-1998

Email: webmaster@jpac.pacom.mil

JPAC is on the internet at http://www.jpac.pacom.mil


For specific information on a missing American write or call:

USAF Missing Persons Branch                                                                  (800) 531-5501
550 C Street West, Suite 15
Randolph AFB, TX, 78150-4716


Department of the Army                                                                               (800) 892-2490

U.S. Army Human Resources Command
200 Stoval Street
Alexandria, VA  22332-0482


Headquarters U. S. Marine Corps                                                              (800) 847-1597
Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MRA)
Personal and Family Readiness Division
3280 Russell Road
Quantico, VA 22134-5103


Department of the Navy                                                                              (800) 443-9298

Navy Personnel Command
Casualty Assistance and Retired Activities Branch
POW/MIA Section (PERS-P665)
5720 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38055-6210


Department of State                                                                                     (202) 647-6769
Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management
2201 C Street, NW, Rm 4811
Washington, DC 20520-4818


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