The VFW National Security and Foreign Affairs Program promotes VFW national security goals by aggressively representing our views before various U.S. government policymakers, elected officials, congressional committees, other veterans groups, military/defense coalitions, and federal agencies. The Director, National Security and Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the National Security Committee, the Sub-committee on POW/MIA, and the Sub-committee on Military Affairs, develops and implements the NS&FA program.

The NS&FA committee chairman, vice-committee chairmen, sub-committee chairman and sub-committee vice-chairmen and the Director, National Security and Foreign Affairs are responsible for managing the VFW National Security and Foreign Affairs Program. The NS&FA program is based on the National Security and POW/MIA Resolutions that are reviewed and approved by the appointed delegates to the VFW National Convention. The VFW Departments are encouraged to initiate department-wide programs to compliment and reinforce the VFW NS&FA Program.

The VFW NS&FA program develops and articulates a National Security and Foreign Affairs policy that guarantees our integrity as a nation, promotes our democratic ideals and interests abroad, seeks the fullest possible accounting of our comrades who are unaccounted-for from all our previous wars, and addresses the issues that are resulting in the degradation of the readiness of the armed forces and quality of life of our military personnel and their families. In addition, the program supports a strong, vibrant American military force second to none; one that is properly trained, equipped, and ready to accomplish its mission backed by a defense establishment that supports the well-being and quality of life for the men and women who serve our great nation. The NS&FA program is accomplished by the following activities:


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