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Our Mission           

The Action Corps' mission is to inform and educate members and supporters on initiatives and policies that affect veterans; to communicate and promote the VFW viewpoint before Congress, and to encourage greater grassroots participation in the democratic process through increased communication with congressional officials.

Legislative Alert: Mandatory Funding For VA Health Care
Get involved and help us make this Priority Goal a reality!
--See if your Senators are Sponsors--

Legislative Accomplishments
With the the 107th Congress over, it's a good time to look back at everything we've accomplished. See how your efforts paid off!

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With Congress in session several bills of interest have been introduced, including a revised GI Bill and Concurrent Receipt.  Check out The VFW Legislative Action Center for the latest VFW-supported veterans legislation

Who We Are

Action Corps is the grassroots lobbying network of the VFW.

Action Corps members call, write, and visit their elected officials pursuant to VFW resolutions and legislative goals.

Action Corps members help influence the passage or defeat of federal legislation based on the VFW's priority goals.

Aletterction Corps conducts on-going letter writing campaigns to maintain its effectiveness as the premier grassroots lobbying network.

Action Corps relies on its members to establish and maintain a relationship with their legislators as well as to keep their lawmakers informed about key veterans issues.

Action Corps members educate their congressional officials and the general public on VFW's legislative agenda.

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If you're interested in joining Action Corps, try our online application.

Congressional Information Just enter your Zip Code to find out who they are and how to contact them

The Congressional Committees  See the key committees, who's on them and how you can contact them

Capitol Hill Basics  tips everyone needs to know when contacting Congress

A THOMAS Primer  Learn how to use the website to search for Veterans Bills in Congress

How A Bill Becomes A Law  Learn about the process

Priority Goals

These are our legislative priorities for 2002-2003

VA Budget
Military Retirees
Military Quality of Life





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